Business Development

Entreprenurial Skill Training
CADCB offers an 18 session Start Your Business course for residents of Bethlehem seeking the know-how to own and operate their own businesses. Basic business topics are introduced and include: why you need a business plan; legal considerations; record keeping; understanding insurance coverage; developing a marketing plan; understanding financial statements; obtaining financing; spreadsheet analysis; borrowing and saving; and more. Guest experts from the local business community assist in presenting and strengthening course material. Individualized assistance is provided, and students are guided through the process of developing a business plan.


Business Technical Assistance
Prospective and existing business owners are provided technical assistance to develop their skills as business owners. An array of help is available, including: assessing competition; developing marketing strategy;  refining sales techniques and production cycles; creating cash flow projections; researching funding opportunities; enhancing computer skills; assessing community resources; and understanding and managing risks.