Business Development

Entreprenurial Skill Training
CADCB has a Start Your Business Program that offers a comprehensive set of modules designed to help you develop your business from an idea to a registered, licensed, and profitable enterprise. Prospective entrepreneurs and existing business owners are invited to join us for the entire twenty weeks of instruction with professionals from the local business community, or select the modules that best fit your needs.

Business Basics introduces prospective entrepreneurs to the process of becoming a business owner. Evaluate your own skills and experience, learn the basics of business planning, speak with other small business owners, and get connected with business development and employment resources throughout the Lehigh Valley. Not sure if entrepreneurship is right for you? Join us for this free, four-week module to learn the basics.

Our Marketing module introduces existing and prospective business owners to the process of developing a marketing plan and conducting market research. Learn how to define your market and target your advertising to attract your ideal customer! We will also explore the world of digital and social media marketing, and conclude with a workshop that puts it all into practice.

The Finance module begins with a look at your personal financial situation and how effective financial management translates to business success. Learn how to identify your startup costs, develop financial statements, and apply for financing. A hands-on workshop will allow you to put your new skills into practice under the guidance of a business planning professional.

The Sales and Professionalism module introduces entrepreneurs to the sales cycle and how to pitch your business idea. Develop effective customer service techniques, learn how to manage your time as a business owner, and test out your business idea at a networking event with other entrepreneurs like you.


Business Technical Assistance
Prospective and existing business owners are provided technical assistance to develop their skills as business owners. An array of help is available, including: assessing competition; developing marketing strategy;  refining sales techniques and production cycles; creating cash flow projections; researching funding opportunities; enhancing computer skills; assessing community resources; and understanding and managing risks.