The mission of the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley is to improve the quality of life by building a community in which all people have access to economic opportunity, the ability to pursue that opportunity, and a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.


As an ADVOCATE, CACLV is the conscience of the Lehigh Valley.

  • We are partners, coalition-builders and team players.
  • We are a think tank, conducting professional research on poverty and its causes, understanding issues as the first step in the problem-solving process.
  • We define the cutting edge in the problem-solving process.
  • We speak out, putting the truth above CACLV’s institutional reservation.
  • We believe charity is something a society must provide when there is no justice.
  • We pursue justice.


As a COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION, CACLV values neighborhoods that are economically self-sustainable.

  • We want businesses to make a fair and honest profit in our neighborhoods.
  • We want jobs to pay wages that enable households to be self-sufficient and are safe, enriching and in reasonable proximity to neighborhoods.
  • We want institutions to be humane and responsive to human needs.
  • We want neighborhoods to be culturally rich, fun and healthy.
  • We want all people to participate in civic life and, indeed, we believe that citizenship is the highest form of self-sufficiency and that our society is far more threatened when poverty leads to apathy and dependence than when it leads to anger and activism.



  • We identify needs and push the community to respond rather than offer services based on available resources.
  • We give people the tools to solve their own problems, rather than solve those problems for them.
  • We treat people equally, with courtesy, compassion, respect, patience and dignity.
  • We safeguard their confidentiality.
  • We believe people deserve another chance but expect personal responsibility in taking advantage of that extra chance.


As a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, CACLV values responsible stewardship of the funds entrusted to us and the resources available to us.

  • We want our audits to be flawless.
  • We want taxpayers and our donors to be certain that their funds are well-spent.
  • We use our purchasing power to advance our mission.
  • We will not waste resources, including natural ones.
  • We have a Board of Directors that has the highest standards for its fiduciary responsibility.


As an EMPLOYER, CACLV values our employees.

  • We respect the needs of our employees’ families.
  • We offer employment opportunities that are personally fulfilling.
  • We try to pay fair wages and offer good benefits.
  • We want the workplace to be safe.
  • We value longevity, creativity, dedication, honesty and hard work.
  • We are serious about equal opportunity and celebrate diversity.
  • We have high standards of personal and professional conduct and ethics.
  • We expect our employees to understand that they are role models.
  • We respect our co-workers and treat them as we would want to be treated.
  • We have fun.