Southside Vision Overview

Southside Vision 2012 was developed to involve Southside Bethlehem residents in developing a strategy for addressing some of the issues and opportunities in the neighborhoods on the Southside.  The Southside Bethlehem Master Plan was completed in June 2001 and looked at strategies for economic development in the core retail and commercial districts of the Southside.  The plan was commissioned by the City of Bethlehem and funded through Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem, Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley, a grant from Allfirst Bank with tax credits from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. 

Recently, Southside Vision 2012 was expanded into 2014 and continues to analyze land use, faith-based communities, commercial zones, existing parks, youth development services, transportation services, safety issues, employment and housing.  Under the supervision of Southside Vision 2014’s Steering Committee,  chaired by Mayor Callahan, members are divided into five committees: East Fourth Street; Eastern Gateway; Open Space; Housing and Youth Services.  These committees analyze, advocate and implement specific areas of the Southside Vision master plan.

Main Project Goals include: 

  • Providing CADCB with an action plan for physical, economic and community development as part of the Strategic Neighborhood Revitalization Plan for Southside Bethlehem.
  • Addressing issues specifically relating to the residential areas in the neighborhoods on the Southside.
  • Coordinating recommendations with the Master Plan for the Southside, prepared for the City of Bethlehem in June 2001.
  • Making recommendations for implementation of specific projects.