Start Your Business Class


The Start Your Business Program offers a comprehensive set of modules designed to help you develop your business from an idea to a registered, licensed, and profitable enterprise. Prospective entrepreneurs and existing business owners are invited to join us for the entire 16 weeks of instruction with professionals from the local business community, or select the modules that best fit your needs.

Our curriculum covers marketing, finance, sales and professionalism.

The Start Your Business program is geared toward entrepreneurs who want to start a business in south Bethlehem or who are of low to moderate income. It is an intensive training program that combines basic business information with one-on-one assistance, the chance to talk with other business owners, and the ability to obtain help with budgeting and planning, even after you complete the module/s.

Business Basics starts every February and August
Marketing module starts every March and September*
Finance module starts every April and October*
Sales and Professionalism starts every May and November*

*Has a fee of $25- scholarships available