“Understanding how to market my business was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin and felt frustrated. CADCB helped to make an overwhelming process possible by organizing a plan to implement moving forward.”

Barbara Greco • Owner of B. Greco Fine Art

Southside Vision: A Community-Driven Initiative

“A vital, creative, diverse community that WELCOMES AND VALIDATES RESIDENTS” – Southside Resident

Southside Vision is a Neighborhood Partnership Program administered by CADCB is collaboration with the City of Bethlehem, and with support from PPL, Just Born Quality Confections, Provident Bank, and Peoples Security Bank and Trust with tax credits from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. The goals of Southside Vision are active citizen participation and support, an increase in residents’ confidence in the future, preservation of the community’s unique history and cultural and social diversity, and improvement of a low- to moderate-income community.

Southside Vision improves the social and economic viability of south Bethlehem using a comprehensive, collaborative, asset-based, resident-driven approach. CADCB staff create partnerships; build consensus and cooperation among residents, businesses, and city staff; and use volunteers and private and public partners to implement projects that align with the goals and objectives of the Southside Vision Master Plan 2014-2024. Following a comprehensive community engagement process, the plan identified five major priorities for the revitalization of south Bethlehem: Economic Sustainability, Housing, Public Spaces, Safety and Wellbeing, and Community Engagement and Communication. Five working committees were created to implement the recommendations of the plan, which are listed below. For more information or to get involved with a committee, please contact staff.

Southside Vision 2020 Master Plan

Southside Vision Committees

This committee oversees all initiatives and activities related to Southside Vision.

Chair, Mayor Bob Donchez

Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2019

Meeting Minutes – April 3, 2019

This committee, which is a standing committee of the CADCB Board, works to prepare the workforce of south Bethlehem to fully participate in the local economy and advance opportunities for south Bethlehem small businesses through education, networking, minority- and woman-owned business certifications, and advocacy.

Chair, Donna Taggart

Meeting Notes – February 19, 2019

Meeting Notes – March 19, 2019

This committee develops and implements strategies to improve the appearance and functionality of south Bethlehem through infrastructure upgrades, streetscaping, structural renovations, signage, improved public transportation, and advocacy.

Chair, Diane Labelle

Meeting Notes – February 8, 2019

Meeting Notes – March 22, 2019

Meeting Notes – May 3, 2019

Meeting Notes – May 10, 2019

This committee works to improve the housing stock of south Bethlehem through façades, emergency repairs, weatherization, and code enforcement. Initiatives for increasing homeownership are prioritized.

Chair, Ham Malek

Meeting Notes – January 23, 2019

Meeting Notes – February 27, 2019

Meeting Notes – March 20, 2019

This committee works to improve community wellness through expanding access to opportunities for healthy living – improved recreational facilities, programming and activities, and increased signage and trail connections. This includes park development, walking and biking initiatives and policies, recreational tourism, youth programming, and fresh food and gardening.

Co-Chairs, Dean Donaher and Don Miles

Meeting Notes – January 24, 2019

Meeting Notes – February 28, 2019

Meeting Notes – April 25, 2019

This committee works to positively transform the image of south Bethlehem and improve community cohesion through relationship building, strategic communications, marketing, and opportunities for community engagement.

Chair, Glenn Koehler

Meeting Notes – January 28, 2019

Meeting Notes – March 25, 2019


Our services are supported by Southside Vision 2020, a 6-year revitalization program of Community Action Development Corp. of Bethlehem (www.cadcb.org) and the City of Bethlehem, with financial support from PPL Corporation, Just Born Quality Confections, Provident Bank, Peoples Security Bank & Trust, with tax credits from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development. To support CADCB’s business development program as a volunteer or donor, click below.